Earn up to 10X more interest on your normal savings account*

Decentralised Finance allows you to earn more interest on your savings. Deploy and withdraw anytime, with interest calculated every 15 seconds!

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*Rates or returns stated are indicative only and are subject to variation.


Easy Peasy

Connect your debit card, tap a button, and your money is earning higher interest returns.

Withdraw Anytime

Withdraw your money directly whenever you like along with the interest you’ve earned.


Your money is managed on the Ethereum Blockchain through 100% open-source independently audited code.

Send USD Anywhere

Your money is managed on the Ethereum Blockchain through 100% open-source independently audited code.


Every dollar in your LIQUIDEFI account is earning X% APR. It’s not a term deposit - withdraw anytime.


Our Mission at LIQUIDEFI is to make the power of DeFi accessible and inclusive to every day people. You don’t need to understand bitcoin, blockchain and decentralisation in order to participate! With DeFi, we can take power back from the banks and have true control over our financial future.


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Highest Yield


Your one stop digital savings wallet

LIQUIDEFI is your digital wallet that earns you a high interest rate. Deposit, withdraw or send USD anytime, anywhere whilst getting an interest rate multiples higher than your average bank.

Get On-Chain

Like the first users of the internet, getting online was a daunting process. However, once you were, you could experience just how powerful it truly was. Similarly with DeFi, the first step is getting “on-chain”. With LIQUIDEFI, you’ll get on chain safely and securely.

Become your own Bank

DeFi allows us to become our own Bank. We no longer need to hand over our assets to centralised entities which control the flow and supply of all FIAT currency. DeFi is the new open financial system, and you can participate in it today.

Earn Compounding Interest

DeFi lending markets give you compounding returns so that every day a larger interest amount is credited into your account, letting you enjoy secure high-yield passive income without any fees or commissions.

Identity DeFi Opportunities

Identify DeFi protocols which serve your purpose or simply let LIQUIDEFI deploy your savings to the highest interest platforms. The choice is yours. We only work with protocols which are secured at all times by asset-backed portfolios of overcollateralized loans.

Decentralised Protocols

Don’t trust people, trust the code! The DeFi protocols we work with are all open-source and have their code audited to ensure the systems are all doing the right thing. You no longer need to trust the middleman. Now you can eliminate them completely!